Welcome to the Thronateeska Chapter, NSDAR

Thronateeska Chapter, NSDAR, was the earliest chapter organized in southwest Georgia on January 4, 1895, at the Albany residence of Mrs. William M. Strother (Louisa Bacon). The chapter name was adapted from Thlonoto, the Indian word for the Flint River. Mrs. Strother was elected as the Organizing Regent. The gavel used at each meeting was presented to the chapter by Mrs. Strother. It is inscribed: "Presented to the Thronateeska Chapter, D.A.R., by Louisa Bacon Strother, 1895, from wood grown in Midway Churchyard, 1752." Charter members and officers were:

Mrs. William A. Strother, Regent; Mrs. Caroline Holcombe Bacon, Vice Regent; Mrs. Minnie Davis Walters, Treasurer (Honorary Regent for life); Mrs. Mary Muse Gillespie, Recording Secretary; Miss Bessie Daniel, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. Marie Carter Davis, Registrar; Mrs. L. E. Welch, Historian; Mesdames Julia Holcome Bacon, Fannie Holcombe Tarver, Douschka Holcome Gill, Louisa Webb Warren, Evelyn Page Wooten, Willie Daniel Simkins, Annie Flemming Comfort, Sarah Ashe Hall, and Miss Ella Florine Stevens.

Charter member Sarah Ashe Hall was a "Real Daughter." Mrs. Hall was 71 in 1895. Her father, Samuel Ashe, of North Carolina, was Aide de Camp to General LaFayette in 1781. Our chapter had another "Real Daughter," Mrs. Mary S. Jones Cutliff, daughter of Sgt. William Jones, who was engaged in the Battle of Kettle Creek, GA. After a few years, the chapter disbanded, but in 1908, Mrs. J.W. Walters was appealed to by the State Regent to reorganize the Chapter, which with much difficulty, she did. Most of the old minutes and records had been lost, so a new charter had to be obtained. New application papers were completed, forwarded to Washington, and new national numbers assigned. The Chapter has remained active to this current time. One of our proud accomplishments was the compilation and publication of the book, History and Reminiscences of Dougherty County, Georgia, compiled by members of Thronateeska Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, published in 1924; reprinted 1978 by the Reprint Company, Publishers, Spartanburg, SC. This book is found in most libraries and archives. The photo shown is from the book and was taken in April, 1919, during a Georgia State Conference. The event was hosted by the Thronateeska Chapter. Mrs Asenath Whitehead was Chapter Regent, and this was one of the most successful state meetings ever held in the state during that era.

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Pictured above: Georgia Daughters attending the 1919 Georgia
State Society Conference, hosted by the Thronateeska Chapter, NSDAR.